3Cols is a free cloud-based snippet manager allowing you to share code snippets with a team enabling greater productivity and encouraging reusable code.

The site allows uses to create and organise code snippets and share them freely within their organisations or to other 3Cols users.

Go to 3cols.com

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  • User accounts with sign in from google
  • Syntax/ Language highlighting
  • Sharing system via organisations, individual accounts or public links
  • VSCode extension powered with the API available on the Visual Studio Marketplace
  • Full REST API documented at https://3cols.com/docs
  • .NET Nuget package for API available at https://www.nuget.org/profiles/3Cols
  • Progressive web app powered by Angular enabling install on desktop/ android
  • Link/ associate Snippets together
  • Download full Board content as a zip
  • SSR with Angular Universal